Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Actually, I didn't need to set that goal of 8" a day:
The scarf is finished!  That only means that I've been doing lots of knitting.  Got an extra 7" done yesterday evening while watching the PBS NewsHour.  This morning I was up at 4 a.m. and basically spent my whole morning knitting.  

The scarf finished at 45".  I'm in the process of unravelling the first and last three stitches of each row.  When you wrap this scarf around your neck or shoulders the loops all fluff out and it's super warm and comfy.  I call it "The Simplest Scarf" and this is why:
Yarn: Patons Peak, 3.2 oz, or 90 grams
Cast on 18 stitches (I used a set of U.S. #10 straight needles)
Knit in garter stitch until the whole ball is used up. 
Knit the first 3 stitches of the last row.
Bind off stitches 4 through 15.
Slip the first 3 stitches and the last three stitches off the needle.
Unravel (or unknit, or however you want to call this) those first three and last three stitches, right down to the first row.  Weave in the cast on and the bind off tails.

As you saw, this is a very quick knit.  You could actually make one for a Christmas present at this late date, provided you can find the right yarn.  And actually, any nice slubby yarn works.  The first time I made this scarf I used yarn from Walmart that I had bought some years earlier just because it was nice to look at.  For those of you in Three Hills, IDA carries this yarn.  Just one ball does it!

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