Saturday, December 16, 2017


That's me, a sock-knitting nut.  I finished Zack's socks early Thursday morning and immediately cast on a new pair.  Here's the finished pair:

I like them!  They went in the mail on Thursday afternoon.  His birthday is on the 20th, so they probably won't get there on time but he will love them when he gets them.

As soon as they were complete I cast on a new pair.  I had restrained myself from doing that for at least a week, because this was a new "colour-way" in Paton's Kroy Sock yarn: it's called "Route 66."  I've never been on Route 66 by my sister (I make a pair of socks for her each year) has fond memories of travelling route 66 with other college kids for her summer breaks.  She went from Michigan to California to spend the summer with our older sister those years.  When I saw that name, "Route 66," I simply had to make her a pair in that colour-way.

It always tickles me that something so insignificant as this:
can turn into a nice warm sock!

I was especially curious as to how these stretches of yarn would knit up:
How would those lengths of blueish white and smaller lengths of black knit up.  What are they supposed to represent, that is, if this colour-way actually represents Route 66?

Well, this is how they turned out.  Each section is different from the other one.  A big part of that is because of increases and decreases, first for the toe, and then for the heel gusset. I'm o.k. with this:

I've had a lot of time to knit the last few days and just now finished the heel.  

For a bit I thought the white/black might represent the highway, with the white being the pavement, the older type: blocks of cement with an expansion crack (the black) between them.  Now I'm just not sure, but the black and white reminds me of what she and I would do to pass the time while travelling by car when we were quite young:

We would kneel on the back seat looking out the back window and chant (to an A and F#) "Line, line go away" until it went away and then "Line, line come back."  I guess Mom and Dad put up with that mind-numbing chant as a good alternative to back seat squabbles. 

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