Sunday, July 16, 2017


The newest quilt project (What? another?) is a raggy quilt in three bright colours of flannel.  It's a baby quilt for the daughter of my best friend.  She's expecting her second baby, and this quilt is very different from the one I made for her first baby a few years ago.

Out of the stash came these three nice flannels, cut into 3" strips, of approximately 36" each.  I sewed three strips together, pressed the seams and cut them into 7 1/4" squares.  That turned out very well.  This quilt is a "go."  BUT...because it's so ingrained in me to sew right sides together, that's what I did for the next four strip sets.  However, for a raggy quilt the seams must be WRONG sides together.  After all the seams are sewn you take a special scissors and snip all the seam allowances.  Then you throw the quilt into the wash machine and dryer and it comes out all fuzzy and smooshy.

I'll post some pictures of the process as the quilt is made.

After removing the 36" long seams in the four strip sets and resewing them with wrong sides together, I set them out on the floor in the rail fence pattern:
Then I sat down and sewed the remaining 5 strip sets, all three strips---RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER!!!  OUCH!  Now I have to sit down and pick out all those stitches, carefully remove the bits of thread that proliferate, and resew all 10 seams.

What can I say?  It's an easy mistake to make?

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