Friday, July 28, 2017


Today I picked the first three ears of corn for our dinner.  They were very good.  Picked, shucked, boiled for one minute, served with butter, salt and pepper.  That's hard to beat!

The first time I served corn to the Dear One shortly after we were married he looked at it and said, "That's pig food!"  He had grown up in the Netherlands and had never had sweet corn, so, yes, field corn, is animal fodder.  But I told him it was my favourite vegetable.  He dared to try it and he found, yes, it's a great vegetable.

He did somewhat the same thing with pizza.  Early on, if I made pizza for the kids and myself, I had to make him a "regular" dinner.  Dutchmen love their potatoes and veggies!

When I was just a babe sitting in the highchair my mom gave me corn cobs to suck on to keep me happy while the rest of the family had their dinner.  My cousin Marilyn went home scandalized and told Aunt Sue, "Aunt Jo gave the baby corn cobs for dinner!"

But back to today.  I picked three nice ears, the first ones ripe enough to eat.  Then I saw some ears trampled over, the stalks lying down on the ground.  "Well those blasted deer," I thought, "if they don't eat it, they wreck it!"  I pulled up the broken stalk and realized it was probably not deer depredations: it's probably some disease in the corn!  I went online and looked at many, many pictures of diseased corn.  There was nothing that really matched what our corn looks like:

Does anyone know what this problem is?  And what to do about it?  How to prevent it from happening in the future?

When the afternoon cools down a little I need to go out there and remove all the ears that have become diseased, in the hope that it doesn't spread to the good ears.  I love corn and want to enjoy the fruits of all my work to bring it to the table.

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