Saturday, July 1, 2017


After a big project is completed, IF it has been a new project, the rule is: finish TWO old projects.  Why?  Because it's so much fun to start a new project, but the closet has MANY partly finished projects.  If the ratio is one new project finished to two old projects finished, there's the possibility (with lots of self-discipline) of someday actually reaching the point where the old projects have been completed.  I've never actually been there, but hold out the hope of getting to that point some day.

So, since the "Entwined" is almost complete--the binding needs to have the second half hand stitched to the back (after Shirley makes a label)-- I took out an unfinished projects from some time ago, maybe a year or so.  I'll have to check back in my photos for the dates.  

This is called "Trade Winds," a pattern that I bought some years ago on a shop hop with the quilt club.  Laid out here are three rows sewed together, on the left, and two rows sewed together on the right.

This section is also two rows sewed together.  When these three sections are sewed together the quilt will be six 15" blocks by seven 15" blocks.  The pattern called for six blocks by six blocks for a king size, but I was ambitious enough to decide that six by seven would be better.  It's enormous.

I made a large lap quilt from this pattern but that hasn't been claimed yet.  Making the blocks is not hard, but sewing them together is!  There is a killer intersection where you have four parts meeting, and each of the four has five layers of fabric!  And the sticker is that the intersection forms the heart of a pinwheel, and is therefore VERY NOTICEABLE!

At 9 a.m. I started working on this.  I had a block to add to the bottom of each row, and then began sewing the last two rows together.  Thirteen seams later I'm ready for a break!

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