Friday, July 7, 2017


This is what was up on my design board yesterday:

These are 2 1/2" x 5" pieces cut for a Picket Fence quilt.  There are 12 in each stack.  That's enough to make a 36" x 48" lap quilt.

The darks are from a strip set that I bought at The Fabric Nook on Wednesday.  The lights are leftovers from the Cascades quilt that I made two years ago.  That was a Lorraine Stangness pattern and she didn't have a kit for a queen or king-sized quilt, so I bought two kits for single bed quilts and enlarged the pattern.  It turned out really nice and is on the bed in Arizona.  There were lots of leftover fabrics from those two kits and these deep yellow/orange fabrics are just right for this Picket Fence quilt.

We had so much fun doing the "Demo Day" last week that we are planning another Demo Day for September.  We will be using the Picket Fence pattern for that, so this will be a sample quilt to (hopefully) spark interest in that demo.  More pictures as the quilt develops.

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