Saturday, February 4, 2017


I have certain traditions about giving socks to family: sometimes someone receives a pair of hand knit socks for their birthday, ex. #3 grandson last August.  Sometimes they receive a pair when they come to visit.  It's become a tradition to give my brother-in-law a pair when we arrive in Arizona and to give my sister a pair when we leave.  We plan to leave this coming Friday, so since the 23rd of December I've been working on a pair for her.  It's the time I don't spend knitting that makes them take so long.  But tonight I finished that pair.  They turned out very nicely.

I'm delighted that the stripes match.  How to do that: pull out several inches at the beginning of each ball (socks take two 50g balls of Patons Kroy Sock Yarn), until you can see a colour match.  Cut the yarn right at the beginning of the colour match on both strands.  When casting on, make sure that the "tail" that's left after the stitches are cast on is the same length on both socks.  This seems a little fussy, but IMHO I think it's worth the effort.  It's not always possible though.

Another nice tradition that has grown up, in its third year now: we get invited to their house for a potato soup supper the last evening we're here.

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