Saturday, February 11, 2017


A few of the photos of rocks from yesterday's drive.  But, as I said, the most beautiful scenes were already behind us by the time I got the camera out.  These are all in the Lake  Mead Recreation Area.

This morning we were surprised to find this scene:

It was still snowing lightly when we left around 8:45 this morning, but it soon cleared up and we had good, dry roads and mostly sunshine all day.  We had headed for Helena, Montana, but were there early enough to go on and we are now in a Comfort Inn in Great Falls, Montana.  That means an easy drive home tomorrow.

Just across the street and down 1/2 block from our motel is a Golden Corral restaurant, so we had supper there.  A good day on the road.  Tomorrow morning a nice shower, a good breakfast and on for what should be the last part of the drive home.  The weather forecast looks good.  But first, a good night's sleep.

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