Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Way back last May when our quilt club had its planning meeting I volunteered to "guide" a "Valentines Surprise" project at our club meeting on this Valentines Day.  At the time I had no idea what it would be, except that it would involve hearts.  Then my friend S. showed me a beautiful centrepiece she had made with a new quilting process involving fusible foam.

This is actually two center pieces, a larger one underneath and a smaller one on top.  When I saw that I thought it could be modified from squares to hearts and simplified by creating just the one layer.  So I tried modifying the shape:

I made two version, somewhat successful, but needing more work.  These are just part of the table topper centrepiece.  Then it was time to leave for Arizona, so I would have to do the work on the project there and have it ready when we returned the beginning of February.

While at Bob's Variety, a very interesting store in Sun City AZ, a store that has a pretty good fabric section, I saw a finished table topper that could rather easily be transformed from being a Leaf Table Topper to being a Heart Table Topper.  I bought the pattern and the fabrics needed, choosing 10 pieces of batiks.

Such gorgeous fabrics.  The two pinks on the right are for the heart shapes, front and back.  The other eight fabrics are the decorative portions on the top of the leaf shape.

I shortened the leaf shape slightly to make it more heart-like, followed the instructions and produced a pretty decent centrepiece.

At the first orchestra rehearsal in Sun City I found out that there was a concert schedule for the first Sunday in February.  We decided to stay an extra week so that I could play in that concert.  It was a fun concert to play in and the audience loved it.  But staying that long meant that we reached our Alberta home just two days before the Quilt Club meeting.  I was busy typing out the directions and organizing the project.  

Tuesday was Quilt Club meeting day.  We got started around 10 in the morning.  After a longish break for a potluck dinner we went back to our projects.  A few of the women hard at work:

Janis was the first to finish, done by 4 p.m.:
Very pretty!  Then we stopped for afternoon tea and cake.  By the time we packed up to go home, around 5:30, Bev had finished her centrepiece:
The other women will finish at home, or at our next meeting in two weeks.  It was a fun and productive day at Quilt Club.

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