Sunday, February 12, 2017


We reached home about 3:30 this afternoon.  The house was warm, thanks to S. who looks after everything for us.  She did a great job.  The neighbours had plowed out the driveway, so we could drive right up to the back door.  What a blessing to have the help of neighbours and friends!

I plugged in the refrigerator and the deep freeze, got a few things out of the freezer in the garage.  We had picked up some groceries in Strathmore so we're all set again.  Jim turned on the water supply and I turned on the water heater again.  Also reconnected the t.v.  Our t.v. set is an old RCA from 1985, so when we go away we make sure to unplug it (fire hazard).  We emptied everything from the car and got most of it put away.

It will be good to sleep in our own bed tonight, even though the Days Inn in Provo and the Comfort Inn in Great Falls had very comfortable beds.  The Comfort Inn also had a great breakfast room with lots of choice, including hot scrambled eggs, sausage, waffles and everything else you might wish for.  Nice rooms and very quiet.  Still, home is the best!

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