Friday, January 22, 2016


After taking turns with the flu this week (2 bouts each) the Dear One and I took advantage of a nice sunny day to relax at poolside for a few hours this afternoon.  He took his book, I took my knitting and we found a two empty chairs.  The nice weather had drawn a large crowd--so different from even 5º to 8º cooler when just a few of us brave souls still go swimming.

The water volley ball gang was out in full force, having a great time.  Folks were chatting, just sunning, swimming, and even perhaps napping.  Then someone turned on a portable radio, and not at a low volume.

It's impossible for me to NOT listen to music--even though what I was hearing sounded to me (and I know this is a little snooty) like just so much noise.  After a while it was giving me a headache.

A friend of mine was sitting a ways away on the pool deck.  I thought, I'll go have a chat with her and see if she will come with me to find out who this "yahoo" is and politely suggest that we don't all want to be forced to listen to that "music."

I put down my knitting.  Jim looked up inquiringly and I said, I'm just going to take a little walk around.

When I approached my friend I realized, Oh no!  It's her husband who has the radio on loud enough for half the pool area to be a captive audience!  Well, I guess that plan can be dumped….

I walked past, chatted a bit with another friend, visited the water fountain and went back to my knitting.

Then something serendipitous happened.  Someone stopped by to visit with "radio man." The radio was turned off and they chatted until it was time for them to leave.


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