Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I had intended to write yesterday, but ended the day with an attack of stomach flu.  Well, that doesn't sound like a very good week, but up to that point it was fine.

On Tuesday I was given permission to play on the pipe organ at church for about two hours.  Well, that's bliss!  Gloria loaned me some music and I worked on three pieces I used to play--found out, no surprise--that I'm really rusty!  I'll need to do a lot of practice before next fall to prepare for playing a prelude or postlude at a service.

The weather has warmed up a bit and that makes the afternoon swim even more of a pleasure.  I'm not going today, as I'm still wrung out from the flu.  The forecast for the next seven days has the high temps in the low 70's.

And we just reached an agreement with a man from Wisconsin that he will rent this condo for the three spring months, February, March and April.  He's the brother-in-law of the couple that rented last year.  They loved it here so much that they bought their own unit.  He's single, doesn't smoke or drink or have a pet, has been a teacher and a real estate agent.  So he must know what he's doing.  I spoke with him on the phone today and he said their current temperature is -20ºF.  He's looking forward to coming down here!

You've seen this sock before, but it actually was not the same sock.  It was the same yarn, knit up in a "Broad Ripple" sock pattern, intended for myself.  HOWEVER, it was way, way too tight.  So I pulled it apart and reknit it in a plain pattern, and this time it's for my sister.  She tried the finished sock on last Saturday and it fits just fine.  Now I just have to knit the second sock.  Isn't it cute, with the stripes?

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