Wednesday, January 27, 2016


My friend Marcy is learning to sew.  I'm helping her.  We started last year with a simple, cotton A-line shift.  She was very, very careful and it turned out well.  Then I had to go home to Alberta, so more lessons were postponed.

This fall we actually finished that first project.  She was game for another, and this time she chose to make a bag.  She had some very attractive fabric from Hawaii, but it was fairly thin.  We decided to line the bag with the same material.  There were a few problems with this project--but they were really my fault.  She just soldiered right on and finished it.  And dove into her next project.

Wish I had pictures of the earlier two projects, but here is her third sewing project, finished this past Saturday:

A very cute "swing" jacket.  Getting much more complicated, but STILL turning out well because she is so careful with all her seams and pressing.

She wrote me an email earlier this week saying "I've had three requests for my jacket today."  What a compliment to her achievement!

She has another pattern for another "swingy" wrap, but I'm out of time.  Either she can find someone else to help her decipher the directions, or it will be a project for next fall.  
Our time together is always so pleasant and productive, I hope she's willing to wait 'til I come back! 

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