Monday, January 11, 2016


I finally finished a quilt, first one since last summer!  This is a donations quilt that I started here in AZ last year, but had troubles that made me put it aside.  It's a bargello that was actually made from printed strips of material.  Each of the vertical stripes is one long piece of the fabric, which was printed with these different stripes.  

Last year I cut several strips and sewed them together BUT I didn't pin and I didn't alternate the direction of stitching.  I ended up with a "strata" that will never lie flat.  That was discouraging, so I put it away.

Recently I went back to it and tried again, cutting new strips and measuring the "off-set" carefully, pinning the strips in several sections, and alternating the direction of stitching. TA-DA!  It worked beautifully.  The border (and the backing) is a batik that I liked and bought on sale.

It's a large lap sized quilt and we in the quilting group all agree that it's nice and bright!

We tried a new type of potato, bought at Trader Joe's.  It's called a Murasaki and is a type of sweet potato.  The skin is purple and rather thick, so I peeled them, cut them in rounds and boiled them for about 5 minutes and then let them stand in the hot water.  Just before we ate I drained and mashed them, adding just a little butter and some salt and pepper.  They are DELICIOUS!  Highly recommended.  They are actually a very pale green colour. We'll make them a regular dinner item.

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