Saturday, June 7, 2014

This Week's Brainstorm

When I'm piecing I like to press very often.  It makes the finished product much neater and more precise.  To my left as I sew is this old student desk, measuring 20" x 36".  I keep my iron and spray bottle there, and also a 12" x 12" June Taylor Quilter's  Cut 'n Press.  That's a lot handier than jumping up to use the ironing board for each little seam.

But the little Cut 'n Press tends to slide around on the Formica surface of the desk.  And quite often I have a long string of seams to press, making it necessary to drag them over the Cut 'n Press.  So this week I had an inspiration: Why not make the entire desk top a pressing station?

I got out some muslim and made a cover with a drawstring edge.  Then I cut three layers of batting to pad it, and put a fourth layer of the kind of insulating batting used for hot pads on the bottom.

It works like an absolute charm!  Plenty of room to press most anything.  I'm delighted!

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