Friday, June 27, 2014


I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the many flowers in our landscape right now:
Back-lit irises.

Irises are one of my favourite flowers.  Their colours are so vivid, the blossoms so enormous and the petals so velvety.  The plants themselves are very hardy.  It's just a shame that the blossoms last just a few days!
The brilliant orange poppies are actually just all orange, but the back-lighting through the petals makes them look yellow and orange.  This is the clump of flowers that greet you when you turn in our driveway.  A week or so ago the prominent blooms in this spot were those impressive Aliums, a huge purple globe of mini flowers atop a tall stem.

Across the path from the poppies are these
lupins, another favourite of mine.  Lupins are prolific.  They spread their seed all over the landscape, perhaps with the help of our large bird population.  The colours vary over the generations.  Bees love them.  You can almost always find bees busy among the blossoms.

In the background are some greeny yellow Golden Elders.

The are also irises, but a smaller variety.  These are blooming near the pond at the front of the landscape.

It's a beautiful time of year and it's important to soak it all in while it's here!

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