Monday, June 23, 2014

A Terrific Recital

Last Thursday I was privileged to be part of a really wonderful recital in Red Deer.  My student M, who took violin lessons from me for two years and had absorbed everything I had to give her, now takes lessons from an excellent and accomplished teacher in Red Deer.  Thursday evening that teacher and her students gave their year end recital which included a tango played by several of the violin students, with the addition of three young cellists and myself as the viola player.

What fun!  It's a very catchy piece.  With just one rehearsal the previous Thursday evening, and an hour get together before the recital, we were all set.

This was the last piece on the program.  Prior to that each student had performed a solo, most of them playing from memory.  Their accomplished, polished performances just wowed me.  They were so good!  For instance, a beautiful, moving performance of "Adoration" by Borowski, a delightful piece: "Spanish Dance" by Moszkowski, "Perpetual Motion" by C. Bohm, "La Fille aux cheveux lin" by Debussy; "Czardas" by Monti (brilliantly performed, I thought); and the first movement of "Sonata in D Major" by J.C. Bach.

What an evening!  It was a thrill to be there to hear all those polished performances, and, especially, to be part of the little group at the end.  You can enjoy the performance of the group by clicking on this link:  Stefan introduced our number and has just told the audience that if they feel like getting up and dancing to the music....

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