Thursday, June 19, 2014

Making Choices

 I've been working on a "Grandmother's Fan" quilt top.  This is intended to use up one large remnant from a king-size quilt I made for D.D.#1 some years ago.  That's the black background with fans.  The fans themselves are smaller remnants of several related pinks in the stash.

I found I could cut 32, 10&1/2" squares from the black background.  After several days of putting fans together I had 33.

So the first question to be answered: Should they become 2 lap quilts, or 1 single bed sized quilt.  I'm leaning toward 2 lap quilts, as that seems to be the best, balanced use.

The next step is trying out different arrangements of the blocks.  The different possibilities are in these four pictures.  There are probably more ideas possible, but this is enough for me!

The top two use some green on black background that I bought to finish this quilt.  When I laid out some blocks I thought it would be too busy.

Number 3 and 4 are the same blocks laid out on a beige background that picks up the beige
fans on the black background, and is a lot less busy.  This piece of fabric is one of two that have been more or less saved for another quilt I have in mind.  This fabric is no longer available, but I like it as a background better than the green.

Number 4 picture is the same combination, but with the blocks laid out in alternating directions, which gives is a little bit more "oomph," I think.

The "handle" of the fan will be the pinky brown you see on two of the fans in the middle row.  This is what I'm leaning toward as design choice for now.

I'm going into town to get the mail and will stop at IDA (the local fabric shop) to see if I can find some nice beige for the background, so this fabric can still be saved for the intended use.

P.S. So far, the three people who read the last blog post have said they would like me to continue.  

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