Saturday, August 10, 2013


After I made the last post, I looked at the blog and realized that I had omitted to post the pictures of the pour itself.

This was a tremendous big truck that came.  The top of the hood is taller than I am!

The pour begins.  First cement down the chute and into the forms.  Looks at this point as if Joshua is the only working.

But as soon as there's more poured everybody gets into the act, shoving the wet, heavy cement around, making sure it's packed down solid and level.  I was really impressed with how strenuous this work is!


  1. Hello Mrs. Mantel,
    I was reading your blog and I noticed that by one of your pictures you posted ``Looks at this point as if Joshua is the only working.`` Well that is often true, but this time it was Terry! :D

    I`m glad you are pleased with the work my Dad did!!

    1. Well, you are right! Because they were both wearing those blue t shirts I got them mixed up. But when I look closely, I can see that Terry is wearing that baseball cap. And yes, we were very pleased with the finished work, and also how the work was done!