Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Posting some Progress

 This first picture was taken at 9:15 on Monday evening.   We had been gone for the weekend with a preaching and organ playing assignment.  Came home on Monday afternoon.

I guess Jim was so anxious to get the patio finished that he "overdid" the work ethic thing a little bit.  But you know how it is when you've been involved in a big, complicated project, and you sense the end is drawing near.  Like a horse heading for the barn, it's hard to hold back.

This second picture was taken just this afternoon.
The bricks are all in place, the patio is almost finished.   We just need our carpenter to come and saw some of the extra bricks down to the size of the border bricks.  He has a saw that can handle this 4" thick bricks.  And then, IT'S FINISHED!!!

We did have a patio in this area, but picked up all the pavers and had 4 feet of cement laid around the foundation of the house.  Now the original patio pavers have been laid from the cement to the driveway.

On a hot summer afternoon this is a lovely place to sit and have your ice tea.  The area is shaded by the house and there's usually a bit of breeze here to refresh you.  We will certainly enjoy being out here again!

 On the quilting front I'm not making a whole lot of progress.  That was mainly because last week I spent four afternoons preparing the organ music for this past Sunday.  Same assignment for the next two Sundays, but I have most of the music for this coming Sunday picked out already.

On Saturday I took a break from doing what needs to be done, cut out and sewed on a tote bag for myself.  I machine embroidered my initials on the back and added two pockets at the bottom.

On the front side I inset a chenille heart.  This project is a sample to show the quilt club at their first meeting in September, to drum up some interest in making chenille.

The bag needs a lining and the straps attached.

I'm hoping to also make a pillow for a sample of chenille.  And I have a jacket I made for myself some years ago.  That was before I got my digital camera, so I don't have any pictures of it on file.  Maybe some other time

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