Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I was a little bit too eager last night!  After preparing the three layer "sandwich" of backing, batting and quilt top I went to my sewing machine and began quilting this half.

First I sewed three seams across the quilt near the middle, stitching in the ditch between the blocks.  I used invisible thread on the quilt top, and a variegated thread in the bobbin that matched the backing.

After the crosswise seams I did two lengthwise seams, just from the centre to the bottom.

By that time it was 8:15 and I decided it was time to quit for the evening.  I picked up the quilt from the sewing machine and laid it over the dining room table.

WHAT'S THIS?  How come it's so wrinkled?  That doesn't usually happen.  Especially not when the quilt has been spray basted with 505, a repositionable spray glue, which holds the layers firmly in place.

I started investigating and discovered that the reason the glue hadn't held was because in my rush to start sewing I had spray basted only half of the quilt top!  Well, we all do make stupid mistakes at times.

This morning I picked out the seams and now it's waiting to be basted.  For real this time!

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