Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lots Going On

We're having some cement work done around two of the back sides of the house.  Our house has five sides, three of them on the back.  One of the three has the garage attached.  These two sides are the one facing East and the one facing North East.    
                                       Levelling and compacting the base:

They will pour an apron of cement four feet wide, attached to the house and sloping slightly away.  This should end any penetration of rain water into the basement.

We've chosen a red brick coloured exposed aggregate, which will be bordered with the grey and red bricks of the former patio.

They plan to do the pour this afternoon.

I'll post pictures again later when it's finished.

We're really happy this is being done.  It's a very good upgrade.

Creating the forms:

Making more forms:

Drilling the holes to anchor it to the house wall:

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