Thursday, August 22, 2013

Patio Progress

On Monday evening our carpenter Rick came and made the form for the sand base for the new patio.  It had to be sloped slightly toward the driveway so that water will run away from the house.  Rick is a very careful carpenter and did a beautiful job on this task.

Tuesday Jim filled the form in with sand.

Today Joshua came and put the gloss finish on the exposed aggregate and also compacted the sand base for the patio.

Here you see Jim inspecting his handiwork.

He has laid the rest of the "path" blocks on the sand base.

At the moment he is now laying the patio blocks on the right hand side of the path.  It won't be long before the patio is complete and we can once again enjoy sitting out back in the afternoons.  When the weather is hot the patio is shaded by the house in the late afternoon and there is usually a nice little breeze there to keep you cool.

Jim is a grower, not a builder, but when "push comes to shove" he can do some surprising things.  He felt that the careful building of the form was beyond his knowledge and ability in carpentry, so we were glad that Rick was able to do that part.

Soon the patio will be finished.  I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished area.

Now I wish I could finish a few of my projects.

Yesterday Susan brought over a huge box of fabric.  I spent some time that afternoon sorting.  I kept back some piles that will be useful to me, but I have three large boxes of groups of fabric to hand out at the beginning meetings of the two quilt clubs.  It's so fun to see the ladies sorting through these freebies.  Like kids on Christmas morning!

I'm scheduled to play organ for six church services on the next three Sundays.  I haven't touched an organ since August of 2012, so it's a bit of a project.  I was at church on Tuesday and this morning.  Tuesday was an eye opener: Wow, do you need practice! Today was quite a bit better.  Tomorrow and Saturday should allow me to polish up the music for the first Sunday.  I have the morning service for the second Sunday all chosen.  If I work ahead and practice diligently, I should be all right with it.

There are few things in life more satisfying that playing organ for a congregation that is singing heartily!


  1. WOW you have been busy this summer upgrading and reworking items in and around your home! did you hear that the greenhouse north and east of you is being auctioned ... your S quilt looks fabulous - happy quilting

  2. We do know about that auction sale. Perhaps Jim will go. Quilting never stops, you know!