Sunday, March 10, 2013

What's there?

We have four pots of blooming daffodils in the living room, looking very bright and spring-like (in contrast to the outdoor scene!)  There must be some small gnats coming out of the dirt because Dickens is quite fascinated by these pots.  He will sit staring concentratedly to them.  Then suddenly look up into the air, as if he is following a flying insect.

Today I moved the living room furniture aside, cleaned the floor quite carefully and laid out S's quilt for the first time.  It is 13 blocks wide and 14 blocks long.  You're looking at it from the side here.  When all the blocks were on the floor I found two shadow blocks that needed to be reversed.  I was also short one shadow block and one 9 patch.  Those problems were soon remedied. and now the top is complete.

I picked up the squares row by row, pinning the blocks from each row together in the order that they will be sewn.  It makes quite a stack!  In this form, without the borders it will be 97.5" x 104".  The borders will add about 10" each way, so it will end up being a really big quilt for a queen sized bed.

At this point I think I should go measure S's bed to see if it will drag on the floor when it's finished.  That's what happened to a big quilt I made for my dear Sis and her hubby.  I measured our bed, which is fairly high, so when they put the quilt on their bed, it dragged on the floor.

I also have to decide how to machine quilt this monster.  I'll probably sew it together in halves, quilt the halves and then put them together into the whole.

Interesting how the beige squares blend right into the flooring at the edge of the quilt!

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