Friday, March 8, 2013

Just what was Needed

I cut out the white on black background squares for the current quilt a few days ago.  There was not enough material for 60 squares, so I dug through my stash hunting for suitable white on blacks.  I found some and cut some more squares.  When there was no more suitable material I was still short two 6 1/2' squares.  Then my friend called and said she had some more material to bring over.  I was hoping.....and YES! there was more of the white on black.  I now had enough background squares to continue.

Today I made the 60 blocks with the white on black background.  I
just needed to draw the diagonal line on each 4" square and sew along those lines.  When those seams were complete I put on this very nifty foot and sewed the second seam 1/2" away from the original seam.  This was the first time I used this foot, and I found it so very handy!  It means 1/2 the marking time.

It really didn't take long at all to put those sixty blocks together.
Then I put them up on the design wall.  Instead of all the blocks slanting in one direction, this setting alternates the orientation.  I kind of like the way this works out.

But I made a sad discovery.  Several of the blocks had not been fully trimmed down to 6 1/2" squares.  In fact, one whole slew of them, 19 in all, had not been fully trimmed.  This means I have to pick off the 4" triangle from those 19 blocks, trim off the extra fabric from the background and resew them all.   Ooooh, it's so sad to make a mistake like that!

I had actually made the same mistake on 4 of the black on white
background earlier.  You'd think I would have learned.  Instead I made the same mistake many more times!  I will just have to patiently pick out those seams, trim the blocks and resew.

Here's the block setting according to the original pattern.  The advantage to this setting is that there are no points to match, making it much, much easier to sew together.  But I'm thinking the opposing angles are much more attractive.

When I'm finished resewing the 19 blocks, then I'll consider what I want to do next.  Also waiting: 120 half square triangles to press and trim.  

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