Saturday, March 9, 2013

Home Baking

I think it was yesterday that DD#2 called to say that she, hubby, and 2 kids would like to come for a visit during the kids' spring break.  I felt kind of "unmotherly" to say, Let me check my calendar.  But that's how this month is.  Next week, for example, has no free days in it.  There is something I have to do (most of the time, be in charge of) every day of the week.  Fortunately, the week they are coming has only violin teaching two days in it.

But since they will come on a Monday after we have been gone for a weekend, following that busy week, I thought I'd better get a head start.  I sat down and wrote out menus for all three meals for the days they will be here.  Then I made two lists: what to prepare ahead of time and what to buy before they came.

So this morning, being Saturday (usual baking day) anyway, I got started.  Here's the fruits of my labours: one dozen muffins chock full of saskatoons, two loaves of 75% whole wheat (freshly ground) bread with flax, and a Deet's Koek, a spice loaf that is cut up into four medium sized loaves.

All these items freeze and thaw well.  They are just the first instalment.  Hope to do more tomorrow and Monday.

I also bought a large frozen lasagne, as lasagne is not something I am good at making.  The big frozen lasagne from IGA is better than what I can do.

Now it's time to enjoy a sunny afternoon.  Maybe go down and read in the solar space which S. and I cleaned up yesterday afternoon.

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