Sunday, July 31, 2016


Remember the old cartoon characters, Mutt and Jeff?  Well, I've go Mutt and Jeff yarn balls on the go here.

I'm on a big knitting binge and my sewing machine is gathering dust.  It all started with teaching the "Beginners' Knitting Class" at the local fabric store.  I made nine dishcloths to illustrate the lessons to be learned.  But I was WAY too ambitious for those poor students!  I'd only ever taught one person at a time how to knit.  We were going to limit the class to 4 students, but 8 hopefuls signed up, so we took them all.  That was a mistake. Next time we'll do things differently.

Since the last class I've continued knitting.  I'm no sooner into one project when another project idea pops up and I can't wait to finish what I'm doing and start the next thing.

Lately it's mittens.  There was one scarf thrown in too.  This pair is made from two yarns knit together as one.  It makes a heavy, thick mitten.  I started the finished mitten in the photo yesterday and finished it this morning.  

The big black yarn ball is acrylic, bought some years ago at a Walmart, anticipating a sweater for the Dear One.  That never happened and it became part of my stash.  The small ball is a Patons Kroy Sock yarn bought just last Thursday.  I thought the two would combine well into a "masculine" mitten.  

It has turned out well, but this kind of knitting, two yarns on 5mm double point needles, is hard on the hands.  It's a heavy knit of knitting and I needed a break.  Later today I'll go back to this and see how far I can get.

But the plan for the next pair of mittens has already formed in my mind.  Maybe I'll even get to it this week. 

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