Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hollis went home yesterday around noon.  I'm relieved that I don't have her on my schedule anymore, but oddly enough, we both miss her.  We automatically check out the back door to see how she's doing.

Hollis went home yesterday, but not before she had "taught" me her favourite game: the Big Stick Throw and Retrieval.  She is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever after all.

She found a great fat stick, just the right length, dropped it at my feet and looked up as if to say, "Do ya get it?"  Well, I did get it.  I gave the stick a good toss over the parking lot and she joyfully dashed after it.  

She was quite clever about handling it.  If by chance she picked it up too far to one end, she juggled it with her mouth until it was better  balanced.  She ran back to me, dropped the stick and invited me to throw it again....and again....and again....and again.  I began to wonder how long she would keep this up.  I gave up before she did.

We completed out circuit of the property and she was glad to get back to her water bowl and her food dish.  Hey!  Tiring her out like that -- to the heavily panting stage -- made it very easy to clip her back on her leash.

Every time I came near the back door, for whatever reason, she grabbed up the stick and presented it to me.  

Jim and I went for a little walkabout checking what's blooming in the landscape.  Hollis was left behind.  She sounded like a baby crying disconsolately.  But she had to accept that.  And she finally did.

I  hope Hollis is very happy to be back in her own yard which is fenced.  Living there she is free to run around the yard all the time, no leash needed.  But I think she might miss the garden shed with the intriguing smells, the woods to explore, the duck-weed covered pond to splash around in and the open areas to chase a flying stick.

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