Friday, July 8, 2016


 These socks are for my friend Marcy, who lives in Arizona year-round.  She shyly asked me in January, "How would I get Louise to knit a pair of socks for me?"  I said, "Ask her!"  Then buy the yarn, and I bet she'd do it.  The first sock was finished before the end of January, as I was wanting her to try it on and see if it was a good fit. It was a little tight in the leg. 

Then it was time to come back to Alberta, and the sock came along.  I ravelled it back to the ankle and reknit it twice before I was satisfied with it.

Then some other projects came in between--notably two pair of socks for Jim, and lately I picked up Marcy's socks again.  The second sock was knit up fairly fast, and now they are ready to be illustrations in the sock class I will teach in August, and they will go back to Arizona with us when we go back.

They are really pretty, I think, and I'm very happy with how I got the stripes in the yarn to match.  The method: before you begin to knit the first sock, pull the leading edge of yarn out from both balls of yarn and cut them off where they match.  

I must love to knit socks, because the next pair is already about 3" long.  These are a pair of fairly plain socks, pattern: BroadRipple named after a leisure center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I was at the pool at BroadRipple with some cousins when I was a little kid, so of course, this pattern appealed to me.  It's a very simple, two row pattern, and turns out looking quite pleasing, and really appropriate for a man's pair of socks.  I'll post a photo when the first sock is finished.

And then I know just what socks I want to knit after these are finished.  A two colour pattern, found in Fancy Feet by Anna Zilboorg.  I bought the yarn some years ago, intending to use it for "Double Helix" by Jeny Staiman, but the pattern didn't work out for me.  I unravelled it and put the yarn in a cupboard.  Now I have a doable (I think) pattern to use the two bright blue yarns.

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