Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I did finish the big, double thread mittens.  They turned out well, big, warm and masculine.  I usually write everything down as I knit, especially for socks and mittens, since there has to be a matching sock or mitten.  But I didn't write down how many rows made up the thumb after picking up stitches for it.  It looked like 17 rows, so that's what I knitted.  But when the mitten was finished it was obviously too many.  So I had to take out the weaving ends in and remove a row.  That was so hard to do because of the black yarn. 

However, I had a handy weapon: this magnifying lamp that I've had for decades.  Every now and then it comes in so handy, as in this case.  With the lamp I can see the individual stitches and remove them.  After that it was easy to finish the mitten.

Here's the pair, all set to go.  Someone's hands will be nice and warm this winter!

The next pair of mittens is on the go, but not even the first mitten is finished.  I designed a two colour section, and that slowed me down quite a bit--especially as this is the 5th time I'm knitting that section, trying to keep it loose enough not to shrink the circumference of the mitten.  I'll show them when they are finished.

I will be travelling for the next 2 1/2 weeks, so there will be a prolonged silence on this blog.  I'm going without my laptop, so I'll catch up when I'm back again.  In the meantime, I'm looking forward to visiting friends, relatives and our daughter in Ontario.  See you later.

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