Thursday, April 21, 2016


Today was the last meeting day for the country quilting group.  We planned to sew in the morning, go out to a restaurant for lunch (we usually take turns bringing lunch), and then sew some more in the afternoon.  I had said I would not be able to come because we expected a shipment of trees and shrubs for the garden centre and I would be needed here.

The truck arrived yesterday morning, 8:30 and by 9:30 we had unloaded everything and spent the rest of the morning potting up.  That left me free to attend today's gathering of Shirl's Girls.

Because M. and I had not had our morning walk yesterday I decided to do that first and then go to quilting.  When I arrived at the church all was dark and there was a note on the door (I'm so glad they thought to do that!).  Because of a power outage they had decided to take a little trip up the road to the nice quilting shop in Delburne.  Should I quickly try to catch up with them?  It was 10:15.  They might have left as early as 9:30, so I simply stopped in town to check the mailbox (zilch) and then treated myself to a little fabric shopping at the local IDA.

I'm planning a black and white quilt with red accents, as per the experimental block a few weeks ago, and have lots of black on white and white on black, but not the red I wanted.  I bought 1 1/2 meters of a lovely shaded red.  Because I'm a senior I get a  10% discount, which comes in handy!

So this afternoon I did the sewing I had planned to do at Shirl's Girls.  I put together the last few 1/4 blocks for the TRADEWINDS quilt that's in process.  Then I put some batting on the floor downstairs and laid out the 1/4 blocks.  I had thought that there were enough 1/4 blocks for 49 complete blocks, having counted and recounted, but alas! there were only 45 1/2 complete blocks.  So the quilt will be 7 (15") blocks by 6 1/2 blocks.  That's still plenty big, as it should finish in the neighbourhood of 105" x 97.5".  I suppose that's big enough.

Here's the quilt laid out on the floor.  Nothing is sewed together yet.  I suppose I need to make sure that all the colours are well distributed, but right now I just feel like sewing the top together.  There's so much variety in the blocks it should be fine.

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