Monday, April 18, 2016


Several weeks ago I planted spinach in a large oval pot.  At first it was in the dining room window sill.  Then it was moved to the greenhouse when we turned the heat on there.  Just recently we moved that pot to the backdoor patio.  This morning I harvested the "first picking."  What lovely spinach.  We had a large spinach/onion/cranberry salad with our dinner today.  What a great way to get your vitamins and roughage!  We'll be able to pick from the pot for several weeks, just removing the large outer leaves and leaving the center plant to produce more.

There's another large pot on the patio: one containing two big heads of Buttercrunch lettuce.  Have you seen "Living Lettuce" in the supermarket?  It comes in a rigid plastic container and the lettuce head has its roots still attached.  That lettuce stays good in the fridge for weeks.  When most of the leaves have been picked off I take the center core, still attached to the root ball and plant it in a pot.  They do wonderfully well in the greenhouse when it's still too cold outdoors, and now for about a week they are thriving on the back patio.  That one pot with two heads of lettuce will keep us well supplied until the lettuce in the garden is ready to harvest.

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