Saturday, April 16, 2016


This Forsythia was planted about ten years ago.  It has bloomed faithfully each year, but the blooms were always limited to the very bottom of the shrub--the area that was covered with snow each winter.  The flower buds on the upper branches, not insulated by snow cover, froze each year.  This past winter was mild, and the Forsythia has never looked better:

We see the shrub in the upper picture from our living room window, silhouetted  against a dark green spruce--so lovely!  The three separate shrubs in the lower picture are on the slope leading up to the house, and are visible when you come up the driveway, also very nice!

You can see from the pictures that spring is not very advanced here.  The trees are just leafing out and the tulips are poking out of the ground.  The daffodils next to the house, where it's warmest, have flowered already, as have the snowdrops, always the first to dare to bloom!

Jim learned once from a nurseryman that this shrub was named after a Mr. Forsythe, and should really be spoken of as "for seye thi ah."  I don't think that pronunciation will ever become common.

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