Friday, April 10, 2015


Today's job was cleaning up the sales building.  Here I am standing on the wood stove, cutting in around the stove pipe.  S and I worked from 10 to 1 and then again from 2 till 5.  We did lots of cleaning, sweeping, sorting and vacuuming.  Then I got out the paint bucket and started cutting in the edges of the ceiling.  That had not been repainted since the spring of 2000 when we opened the garden centre.  Lots of fly specks all over the place!

I got it all cut in, but just one big swatch the length of the room painted.  It's pretty much a square building, approximately 24' x 24'.  The paint, left over from previous projects, is close to running out.  Tomorrow I'll have to go get some more in order to finish.

I'm hoping the paint the cement floor also, with some cement paint we've had for years.  Hope that works out well!

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