Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Busy time of year!  The farmers are out in the fields seeding, for all the daylight hours and then some into the night.  They get very little sleep during this season.  Pray for safety for those hard workers!

The robins and blackbirds are noisily settling their territorial claims.  The magpies are always noisy.  The doves are mostly peaceful, but flutter away if you scare them.  The frogs in the dugout have been boasting loudly for the past week, doing their best to impress the females.  Even the bees and flies have resurrected and are buzzing around.

I haven't posted lately, but been very busy.  I was trying to finish up some quilts for tonight's "Show and Tell," the last get together of the town club for this season.  Two didn't make it: the raggy quilt and the pinwheels quilt.  I just finished sewing on the binding for the Disappearing Four Patch. For a "give away quilt" I like to do a machine applied binding, sewn first on the back and then topstitched to the front.  That wasn't possible with this quilt, as I had trouble with the backing.  There was plenty, but when I measured it roughly against the top and then ripped it to that measurement, I discovered the grain was severely off, and ended up too short.  In the end, I attached a very small piece of backing to cover the shortfall.  That meant I had to sew the binding to the front by machine and hand stitch it to the back.  I'd forgotten how awfully long that takes!

I'll take pictures tonight at the "party" and post them tomorrow.

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