Sunday, April 5, 2015


When I had time to return to sewing on the "Disappearing Four Patch" this afternoon I made a happy discovery.  The way to make all seams nest when sewing these blocks together is simple.  Every other block has its seams pressed to the outside, and the blocks in between have their seams pressed to the inside.  Everything will nest beautifully.

When sewing the original four patch, press the seams toward the dark fabric.

After cutting the four patch apart, sew only the two vertical seams, but do not press them.  Arrange and rearrange the blocks on your design wall until you are happy with the colour placement.

Now start with the top left block, and press the vertical seams on the top row and bottom row to the outside of the block.  The center seam will, of course, be pressed to the inside, so as to nest these three parts together.  Now sew the horizontal seams and press both of them toward the outside of the block.

The second photo shows the seams of the first block pressed to the outside of the block.

On the second block in the row, press the vertical seams to the inside of the block.  Sew the horizontal seams and press them toward the inside of the block.  When you sew the blocks together, your seams will nest nicely, as seen in the third photo below.

I make a habit of pressing the seams between blocks of row 1 to the left, between blocks of row 2 to the right, etc. alternating direction with each row.  That way the rows will also nest when sewn together.

Here is the first row, all sewn together.  The second row will be pressed in the opposite direction, that is, the first block will be pressed toward the inside, the second toward the
outside, etc.

This will be a lap quilt.  It will need about a two inch border on all sides, around a five block wide by six block long setting.  Perhaps a very narrow border of one of the bright colours, then a medium white border, and then a binding of one of the brights would look good.  We'll have to see what's available in the stash.

Tomorrow I'll show you how to cut up the original four patch to create this more complicated block.

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