Saturday, March 7, 2015


 In spite of the siren call of new projects, I am sticking with the aim of finishing up several all-ready begun, and almost-finished projects.

This beauty was made last summer following a trip to the Drumheller Quilt Show with S.  She was looking for inspiration and liked a similar quilt.  We snapped a few photos and from that I made a pattern.  We both made a version of this quilt.

It was a bit unusual for me in that all the fabric was newly purchased specifically for this quilt.  Such pretty colours!  That was fun in itself.

I like to use variegated thread for machine quilting, and here are the ones used in this quilt, on top of the fabrics they stitched.  The fat purple spool on the right was used in the bobbin on a purple flannel backing.  The quilting was simple: 1/4" seams around the edge of each section.  The quilt was busy enough and needed minimal distraction.

I finished the work on Wednesday and snipped off all the thread ends this morning.  It's too pretty to give away to just anyone.  Maybe it should go to one of our kids or grandkids.

Now it's on to another old project.  The quilt top is ready in three sections.  I think this time I'll sew them together and apply the borders before machine quilting.  The blocks are set on point, so the quilt can be rolled up from the corners to fit on the DSM.  It is also a pretty busy quilt, so I'll probably just stitch in the ditch.

Picture will follow when the quilt is finished.

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