Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 Way back when, about four to six years ago I started sewing together 2" squares into an 8 x 8 setting, giving blocks that will finish at 11 1/2".

Now there are 10 of the all dark blocks, and 9 of the light and dark blocks.  There's one more light/dark block set out on the cutting table.  It will take a fat 45 minutes to sew it together, giving me 20 blocks altogether, 10 of each.  They will be set 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks long.

Rather than try to sew them to each other with all the points matching I will sash them with corner stones.  In the stash are these two pieces of fabric, which are probably big enough to give the sashings and borders needed.

The question was going to be, which is better, the deep blue or the pale beige.  Looking at it this way I think the answer is clear.

Which fabric do you think is the better choice?

This project also qualifies for  "sticking with it" but it still needs to be completely finished.  I did finish another lap quilt top that I started last fall.  It needs batting and backing and machine quilting, and this time I'm going to have Brenda quilt it with her long arm machine.  I'll post the finished project when I get it back and get the binding on.

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