Sunday, March 29, 2015


I sewed blocks from all the strips of fabric that I had.  Then I rooted around in my stash for just a few more  That brought it up to 127 blocks, enough for a 9 by 13 setting, which should measure out to 58.5" x 84".  When borders are added, this will become a single bed quilt.

I'm not going to be fussy about this one in terms of controlling the colours.  They are what they are.

These rows are fairly easy to sew together, as all the seams nest.  Each intersection between rows will have a few stitches removed so that the intersections can become "rosettes" on the wrong side.  That eliminates a lot of the bulk.

I'm working on a tutorial for this quilt, and when I post that you will be able to see what I mean about creating "rosettes" on the wrong side.

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