Saturday, March 21, 2015


Did lots of sewing this week, as this coming week will involve greenhouse work: transplanting little plants into the 4 and 6 packs for retail.  Plus, the weather was pretty poor.  I know we can't complain when we see the hammering the eastern half of North America has received this winter, but I just mean it was enough to keep us indoors, and that means it was conducive to sewing.  

Here are a sampling of the pinwheel blocks from the stack of 4 1/2" strips.  I tried to match complementary colours in a block.  These are not at all the colours I usually choose, but I'm liking them a lot.  There are 48 blocks here and I have another 8 made.  There are lots of strips left.  I think I'll use them all up as pinwheels and then see if it will make a single bed sized quilt, or two lap quilts.  Either way, I'm pretty happy with this project.

We had just about gotten rid of our snow piles.  The landscape was almost all tan--last fall's colour in the fields, when it began to snow again today.  It was coming down pretty thick a few minutes ago.  I took a seven second video, but it won't stick onto the blog.  Don't know what the trouble is, but maybe you're not even interested in seeing a little snowstorm in our back yard!

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