Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pitiful Corn

Our corn patch has had a sad life this year.  It was started early in the greenhouse in pots and looked fantastic when it was planted out in the garden bed.  But that night there was a heavy frost and every corn plant succumbed, or so we thought for a while as we observed the plants lying bleached and limp on the ground.

Lo and behold, new growth sprang up from the centre of most plants and after a bit the patch looked not so very bad.

Then we had a cold, rainy June and the plants went into hibernation.  So did the bees, so the corn was not pollinated as it should have been.

Here's today's harvest.  Six ears, except that I picked two more ears in order for both of us to have a decent serving.

On the other hand, the onions must have been very, very happy.  They are getting to be oversized!  They are actually taller than the corn plants.  We will pick them all tomorrow, put them on screens to dry and then store them.  It looks like there are more onions than we can eat in a year, even though we like onions and use a lot of them.

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