Saturday, August 23, 2014

Machine Quilting

 This week I've been doing some machine quilting.  The quilt on the ironing board is the Delectable Mountains quilt that I need in September to introduce the demo on how to construct that block.  So that was the first quilt I worked on.  That took a lot of time because it was all stitch, stop, turn the quilt, stitch, stop, repeat.  The border has a similar pattern to the blocks, just reduced a bit in size.  I like the way it turned out.

This second quilt is one destined for the Extended Care facility here.  In the second picture you can see how that was quilted: each of the triangles was quilted separately.  So that was, again, stitch, stop, turn, repeat quilting.  When I considered what pattern to stitch in the border, I very much did not want to choose something that was also stop and go quilting, so the border is being quilted in a fairly small meander.  I always enjoy that as it's possible to just keep on going for quite a length.  Of course, you have to move your hands frequently, but it's a much more relaxed method and much faster.  I just had to take a break at the halfway point to give my hands and shoulders a rest.  I plan to finish that this afternoon and apply the binding by machine and then stitch it down by hand.

Future work: four more lap quilts, a single bed sized quilt all ready to be machine quilted.  And then the Split 9 Patch lap quilt to be sewed together and machine quilted.  I just need to find the right border and binding for the Split 9 Patch.  I probably have some batting and backing in my stash that will look good with it.

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