Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to Delectable Mountains Tutorial, Third Session

I ran into Brenda at IGA this morning and she mentioned that she would like to have the rest of the tutorial for making the Delectable Mountains quilt.  She's the second quilter in town who is taking up this challenge.  Sharon plunged right ahead into making Delectable Mountains and then emailed me to come and give her some pointers.  Her quilt is already finished!  Mine just needs two sides of the border quilted and then it's complete.

I need to get these instructions printed up for the first meeting of our local group in September, as I will demo the whole thing at the second meeting.  I realized that I needed a photo of an intermediate step and have finally taken apart a block to illustrate what was unclear.  This photo shows the layout of your strips before being sewed together and after.  The two sets of strips make two separate blocks.

You will take the second strip from the left and place it on top of the first.  Sew a quarter inch seam on the right hand side of the two strips. Take the fourth strip and place it on top of the third. Again, sew a quarter inch seam on the right hand side.

Now place strips 3/4 on top of strips 1/2, as in this photo.  Again, sew a quarter inch seam on the right hand side.

Lay the set face side down on your pressing pad.  Give it a little spritz of water.  Press the seams, moving your iron from right to left.

Turn the block over and press again, on the right side, sliding your iron from right to left to get a nice, flat block.

Your block is finished!

You will have actually made two blocks of the same colour, but with opposite orientations.  You can see that in the first picture on this entry.

When all your blocks are sewn, lay them out on a design wall or on the floor.  Switch them around until you are pleased with the arrangement.  Sew the blocks into rows and then sew the rows together to make the quilt top.

If I haven't been clear at some point and you'd like further explanation, contact me at  Hope this has been helpful!

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