Thursday, March 20, 2014

In the Warm

Well, I've been back in Arizona for a little over 48 hours now.  The weather is, of course, marvellous.  In the morning I go for an hour walk, half of that hour with my dear Sis.  Yesterday I went to the quilting group and put together a charity quilt that I need to do the machine quilting on.  I just happened to return the day they had their quilters' luncheon.  I enjoy that group of women a lot!  Are quilters always such nice people?

Today Dear Sis and I went to an art show right here in the community center of our village.  There were many beautiful paintings, mostly watercolours.  I met a woman named Mardell who is going to teach a water colour class next October, November and December.  Wonderful!  Just what I would like to be part of.

Then I had even better news from her: she is also a musician and is a member of a chamber orchestra that meets near here, composed of all retired people who live in this area.  They are short of viola players, so when we come down next fall I'll take along my viola.  I will be thrilled to be part of a string group again.  I have missed that so much and had even voiced the thought to the Dear One that perhaps that activity in my life had come to an end, not because I was willing to forgo the pleasure, but because it just wasn't available to me where we live in Alberta.  So that was wonderful news for me to hear.

Then I went to the pool for a session of swimming and sitting in the sun reading and knitting.  Came home around 5 p.m. for a light supper and then talked with the Dear One for a bit by phone.

What a lovely day this has been!

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