Sunday, March 2, 2014

Not Much Progress

 The last few weeks I spent a lot of time sewing on the current quilt project and made a lot of progress.  Especially coming up to this past Tuesday things were really coming along nicely.  I pushed to reach the point at which I could spend my time at the meeting (from 1 p.m. to about 8:30 p.m. with time off for a tea break and a supper break) doing the machine quilting on the panel for the foot of the bed.  I met both of those goals, and was very satisfied with that.

By Friday of this week only the right hand of these two rows had been finished.  These are for the left side panel.  There need to be thirteen rows like this.  Friday morning I started sewing on the two pinwheels, the gold and blue ones.  I sewed, picked out, sewed, picked out until the material could handle
no more without becoming "holey."  Nor could I handle any more of that frustration, so I stopped sewing on it.

I mended two of Jim's flannel shirts and did a little ironing.  Then I took the summer quilt from our bed and replaced the red border.  This quilt has been in use for 14 years and the border fabric had frayed open in several places.  This is a orangey/red print that I bought in 1981 to make a very cute cat quilt for our DD#2, who was 11 at that time, so the fabric was on the old side.  I still have quite a bit of it, so I cut and applied a new border.  Now it will be useable for several more years.

We use this quilt as a sheet/blanket in the summer, so it goes into the washing machine on a regular basis.  I'm not one who wants to just preserve the quilts I make.  They are for daily use, and when they wear out, well, good!  I can make another one.

The current project was supposed to replace this quilt, but when I couldn't find 3 oz. polyester batting, I just bought the lightest batting available here in our little town.  It's too heavy for a summer quilt, so it will become our "bedspread" quilt, beautifying our bedroom and spending the nights on the quilt stand.

Since Friday I did some more sewing and now have 3 of the 13 rows completed for this panel.  I will try hard this week to finish the panel so that I can machine quilt it at our next quilt club meeting.

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