Saturday, September 14, 2013

Red Pepper Jelly

This week I made my first ever batch of red pepper jelly.  Jim had picked many small red peppers and I still have some bags of chopped pepper for soups and chillies in the freezer, so I checked for jelly recipes on the net.  I used one from "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" and was pleased with how it turned out.

There were 12 pint jars of jelly, of which 2 are already gifted out.

If I make this again I will stir the finished jelly in the pot for a bit as it thickens, to avoid having all the pepper pieces near the top of the jar.  The recipe (which I doubled) used liquid pectin and set up very well, which made me think I could get away with stirring for a few minutes as it thickened, before ladling it into the jars.

When combined with a little creme cheese on a cracker, this is a real winner!

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