Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well, spraying and washing the backing took all the marker stains out!  Thank goodness!

Tuesday our local quilt club met, so in the morning I prepared (again) the baby quilt "sandwich" and did the machine quilting that afternoon.  I had a little bit to finish on Wednesday, and today I finished handstitching the binding to the back.

Here's my second go 'round with batting.  A better idea this time: take a large piece of batting and cut what is needed, no marking or stitching pieces together.

Here's the finished quilt.  The backing is a nice bright yellow flannel.  The front is all flannel also.
The binding is a yellow cotton.  I chose that because the cotton is a firmer fabric than the flannel and will hold up better as binding.

I'm very happy with this quilt.  It's 47" by 47", so it's a generous size.  With all the flannel it's very cuddly.  The batting is a light polyester batt, chosen to keep the quilt light weight.

All finished ahead of time for a baby due in about 10 weeks!

The pattern, by the way is from Country Creations, Lorraine Stangeness's design.  I had an email from her this week that her shop, south of Strathmore, is closing.  She and Gordon moved to a villa in Strathmore and plan to spend about 5 months in Arizona this winter.  We'll miss visiting her shop, which had great selections of materials, patterns and kits.  I took groups there three different times as part of a "shop hop."  I always said I wouldn't buy anything that time, but went home with at least one new project.

I have a beautiful wall hanging kit, "Falling Leaves," that I bought last January and am planning to begin as soon as I finish S's quilt.  That, by the way, needs only the borders added.  I'm in the home stretch!


  1. A lovely quilt. So bright, fresh, and colourful. So baby.

  2. you are truly a quilt diva - I love to see your photos of progress and completion - hope you will be joining us on Thursday

  3. I'm hoping to. Depends on what I need to get done this week!