Monday, September 23, 2013

Dumb and Dumber!

You know that nice baby quilt I'm making?  On Friday I bought some plump yellow flannel for the backing.  Today I cut the backing and sewed it together because it needed to be pieced.

I got out a large scrap of batting, measured and cut it.  It also needed to be pieced.  I usually draw lines across the two pieces of batting, just to make sure the seam turns out even and one side of the other doesn't pull or pucker.

Today I used a washable marker.  Mistake number one!

I went ahead and spray basted the backing to the batting.  Then I became a little uneasy: what if the washable marker's colour ran into the backing?

Then I did something even dumber: I took a wet washcloth and started dabbing at the marker lines trying to remove them.  Well, they weren't removed!  What happened was that the
marker promptly ran colour onto the backing!

At this point I got a little smarter, not much but a little: I pulled the batting off the backing as much as possible, considering it had been spray basted in place.  Then I took the backing and sprayed lots of prewash on the colour runs.  I threw it in the machine on the gentle cycle.

What a relief when the cycle was finished to find the colour runs had all washed out!  Washing had also loosened the bits of batting that were still sticking to the backing.  I was able to pick them off.

It's in the dryer now, almost ready to come out and be ironed, ready for a new piece of batting--not one made up of bits and pieces this time.

What I'm thankful for: that I stopped this idiocy before spray basting the top in place!

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