Friday, June 7, 2013

Winding Up

On Wednesday I taught the last of the regularly scheduled violin lessons.  There are two make up lessons to do, one next week, and one the week after.  So I'm feeling much more free to do "my own thing."

I finished the pair of socks intended as a present for a dear one this summer, and started a second pair for another dear one.  I also started sewing some other presents.  They can't be shown until after they are gifted, as the recipients do read this blog.

Tomorrow afternoon we will have our end of year "violin party," at which the students will play their most recent finished pieces and receive certificates for their accomplishments.  I promised to make it a dessert party, so today I baked two cakes, one a chocolate cherry, the other a lemon poppy seed.  I have in the freezer two loaves of Deet's Koek (that recipe has been on the blog) which I will also slice up and serve.  A bucket of vanilla ice cream and a platter of fruit will round out the eats.

This year for the first time I will also play a piece, "Meditation from Thais" by Jules Massenet, mainly because the "concert" is going to be a very short one.  One of my students, the one who played "Fiddler" will accompany me on piano.

Now that summer's here I've started cutting flowers for bouquets to grace the dining room table.  Here's today's fresh flowers.  They won't last long, but there are lots more out there for future bouquets.

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