Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 I can't show my current knitting or sewing projects, as they are all for gift-giving in the near future.  So I thought I'd just wander a bit outside and share some of the beauties currently blooming on our place.  First up a magnificent yellow iris.  We have lots of different colours.  This one was close to the driveway, making it easy to photograph.

Earlier today we had a few thunderstorms pass through our area, and now, with the sun shining and hardly any wind, the mosquitoes are out in their hordes!

A bush of blooming lilacs

 A field of lupins
 Nasturtiums--which always seem to me like a very old-fashioned flower, because I have a large old-fashioned coffee pot decorated with nasturtiums.
A deep, deep red peony, which appears much lighter in this photo

From now until the middle of August, our landscape is a profusion of blooming colour, much to Jim's delight--he planned and planted it all, with S's help.

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